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Baltic Amber is traditionally know for it's ancient healing properties which is why it has been so popular and used daily to help with teething.

It is said to help relieve teething pains and general unsettledness. 

This natural stone is perfect for those who wish to take the natural approach when it comes to assisting their children.

It is hand crafted and made from natural materials so no two pieces will be the same. There will be variations in the colour, shape and sizes of each stone.




• Available in both RAW and POLISHED. 

• We have 7 stone options.

• Each necklace is approximately 33cm.


 • To be used under direct supervision AT ALL TIMES. Remove and keep out of reach when unable to supervise child directly.

• Do not use in the case where your piece may of become loose, cracked or dislodged as this may present a choking hazard.

• This is not a toy, it is not to be played with, pulled on or chewed.

• Inspect before each use and discard at first sign of wear. 

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